Nicholas Mccarthy

When Nicholas started playing the piano at fourteen, his first teacher was astonished by his skill and musicality. She had also been expecting to teach a child with two hands. Nicholas McCarthy, born without his right hand, has always defied expectations.

When he took up the piano he developed a technique to play the music that he loved, all of which had been written for two hands. But it was when he was seventeen, and was awarded a place at the Junior Department of the Guildhall School of Music, that he discovered and fell in love with the little-known repertoire of left-handed pieces.

Since then, he has made history in a number of ways – he is the only left-handed pianist to graduate from the Royal College of Music in its history, and is now the youngest solo left-handed pianist in the world.

Although TEDxAlbertopolis will be Nicholas's first performance at the Royal Albert Hall, Nicholas has performed in the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Paralympic games, on television and major venues throughout the world, and in schools where he shares his love of music with young people.